Current Services  

Acts as a one-stop-shop in the High Street for access to the other services provided by Selsey Community Forum.  Selsey Care Shop can help people in lots of ways, as demonstrated by Case Studies.  

Seeks to draw isolated and lonely people more closely into the community.

Supports unpaid carers with advice and the opportunity for social contact.

Volunteers throughout the community looking out for their neighbours.

Provides counselling, mediation, mentoring and 

low-level mental health support.

In partnership with Frontline, provides debt advice and ongoing support as well as Money Management courses.

Seeks to make Selsey a truly dementia-friendly community and supports those living with dementia. 

An intergenerational, gardening and environmental project with the benefit of spending time outdoors.

Provides information about Selsey to residents and visitors as well as maintaining a Community Diary,